In the mid 90’s, I graduated from The University of Virginia with a masters degree in Environmental Science. Shortly after, instead of continuing in academics, I decided I wanted to be a photographer. I spent all of my money on 150 rolls of film, a tripod, a used Nikon F3, and piggybacked onto a research trip studying monkeys in Costa Rica. Three months later, once the film ran out, I headed home with my first portfolio in hand.

Since then, I have been an active commercial photographer specializing in medial, healthcare, and research. I love working on set with crew, creatives, clients, and real doctors and patients to make quality images. 


I am so fortunate to have recently married the kindest person I have ever known. My best friend, partner, and love, Amy. She is a wedding photographer and we work together on all of our jobs ( My son, Jack is a full grown man (go figure) attending classes and working at a restaurant here in Charlottesville. My daughter Julia is a 10th grader heavily into school, sports, and friends. Amy, and I are actively seeking and looking forward to working on new projects.


I was on the soccer field for much of my youth, and played 4 years for George Washington University. During and after graduate school at The University of Virginia, my free time has been spent on the rocks or in the mountains climbing, long bicycle or van trips, endurance catamaran racing, building, cooking, and hanging out. Last but not least, like so many others, Amy and I can not resist binge watching Netflix.


client list

University of Virginia Health System
Management Services Corporation
Payne Ross and Associates
University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science
Richmond Metropolitan Convention Visitors Bureau
Richmond Magazine
Charlottesville Free Clinic
Lewis Communications
C-Ville Weekly Magazine
Southern Environmental Law Center
Darden School of Business
ACAC Physical Therapy
University of Virginia School of Arts and Sciences
Creative Perspectives
Image Creations
Patent Foundation
Virginia National Bank
UVA Community Credit Union
UVA Imaging
Culpepper Wood Preservers
UVA School of Medicine
UVA School of Nursing
Apex Clean Energy
Madison Wood Preservers